The Non-Fungible Miners (NFMs) are a collection of 666 digital avatars living on the Ethereum blockchain that gives you access to a diverse crypto-mining ecosystem. The original collection of 666 NFMs will grant exclusive membership to The Private 666 Club.


We are a group of commercial cryptocurrency miners offering our fellow cryptoneurs a chance to become a part of our existing profitable mining operations. Begin your journey on the blockchain with NFM.

The NFMs are powered by cryptocurrency mining at the EziMining Facility in Canada. We have been helping thousands of people purchase and deploy cryptocurrency miners over the past three years. However, the NFMs journey is much bigger. We are dedicated to helping millions discover the world of cryptocurrency mining, DeFi and Web 3.0 at a fraction of the cost.


The Genesis Non-Fungible Miners are 666 unique BTC miners living on the Ethereum (ERC-721) blockchain with over 150 unique traits. The NFMs are entering the metaverse to lead the movement of decentralizing bitcoin mining. We are here to help the Private 666 Club Members mine bitcoin and other valuable cryptocurrencies.

A brand for mining and NFT enthusiasts. Built for the community.

Your exclusive NFM token declares your membership to the Private 666 Club. Mine $BTC. Earn $ETH. Scale up with us.




Genesis Block 0 (Q1 2022):

The Private 666 Club Inception

The NFMs will begin their lifelong journey on the blockchain by deploying 666 NFMs exclusively sold to our OG community

Members of the Private 666 Club will be the leaders that pave the way to the NFM blockchain revolution

They will be the only drop in our multidrop ecosystem that runs on a buy to mine mechanism

Block 1 (Q2 2022):

The NFMs on the SHA-256

The first NFM celebrations will begin by deploying over 50 ASIC machines at our commercial cryptocurrency mining facilities in Canada

This will empower the community with hash power exceeding 3,000,000 GH/s generating about 0.4 BTCs per month in funding exclusively distributed amongst our Private 666 Club members

Earnings from bitcoin mining will be converted to Ethereum periodically and automatically distributed proportionally amongst our Private 666 Club members

Note the rough numbers provided above will continue to increase as we upgrade and improve mining operations

Block 2:

The Community Mining Plant Going Digital

Stake your NFM to earn and HODL valuable cryptocurrencies like $ETH and more

Monitor community mining performance and track estimated returns

Purchase Overclocking tools to boost earnings for your NFM or your family in the Private 666 Club

Block 3:

The NFM expansions & Airdrops

Token & NFT Airdrops; NFMs in the metaverse; NFM exclusive events & celebrations; NFM wearables; NFM Mining Plant expansions; and much more

Note all NFM expansions will be subject to governance mainly through polls in our 666 Private Club members



Pratyush Singh

Project & Mining Lead

Pratyush is a visionary tech entrepreneur and an early cryptocurrency adopter. In 2019 he founded EziMining, a commercial cryptocurrency mining operation in ON, Canada, supplying mining hardware and providing hosting services. Over the years EziMining has accumulated over $7.5M in hardware and infrastructure operating over 35 acres of land. Pratyush is now venturing into the NFT space with the goal of bringing about the age of digital cryptocurrency mining through tokenized mining NFTs.


Sameer Khan

Marketing & Community Lead

Sameer started a successful e-commerce and digital marketing company that earned him six figures during his sophomore year at Western University. This led Sameer to leave Western and focus on his company full time. In 2021 Sameer joined forces with a mining company with farms in Ontario and Quebec. Sameer’s business savvy and industry connections have been instrumental to the project.


Ziyad Elgamal

Ecosystem & Strategy Lead

Ziyad is pioneer in the cryptocurrency mining industry who is known for prolonging machine lifetimes while enhancing their performance. This led to him working with multiple commercial cryptocurrency mining facilities across the world to optimize operations and maximize gains. Ziyad seeks to redistribute valuable cryptocurrencies like bitcoin amongst retail investors and lay personnel by providing end-to-end solutions to various cryptocurrency mining issues like the high-cost of entry.


Matthew Rezzara

Marketing & Innovation Strategist

Matthew has developed new technologies for digital marketing that are being used in various companies throughout North America. Matthew started a successful marketing company at the age 18 and used that knowledge as a springboard into the world of crypto currencies and mining. His innovative thinking has invigorated our team with fresh ideas to catapult the NFT project to success.


Carlos Figueroa

Digital Art & Design

Carlos Figueroa is a Mexican designer. His curiosity and great interest in learning gave him a unique set of skills that led to his involvement in Hollywood productions such as It:Chapter Two, Spiral, and more.


Sterling James Manderville

Art & Animations

Sterling James Manderville studied at the University of Guelph and after honing his photography skills, founded Manderville Gallery. Sterling won a parliamentary photo award contest with his take on “Fast Times in Toronto”. His current images with their pop art vibrance are available in galleries and stores in Toronto and Los Angeles.